About us

About Us

Hydro Magus Pvt. Ltd. is a professional engineering company dedicated to the development of Hydro Power Projects and providing environmental solutions i.e., STP, WTP, etc.. This ISO Certified Company is a subsidiary of ‘M/s Power Mech Projects Ltd.’ and broadly deals with:

  • Construction of Hydro Power Plants on EPC basis including civil, Hydro-Mechanical & Electro-Mechanical package elements of the Plant.
  • Design, manufacturing, supply, erection, commissioning of Electrical & Mechanical equipment of new Hydro projects including balance of plant.
  • Renovation, Modernisation & Uprating of existing Hydro Projects.
  • Operation & Maintenance of Hydro Power Plants.Refurbishment of Hydro Power Plants equipped with turbines & generators of any international manufacturer and of any rating.
  • Residual Life Assessment (RLA) & Uprating studies of old existing Hydro Power Plants.
  • Root Cause analysis of perennial problems faced by Utility owners in the Hydro generating sets and eventually their resolution.
  • Providing complete after sale services, etc.
  • Supply of Water and Waste water Treatment Plants (ETP, WTP, Softener, STP, Reverse Osmosis Plant and Pressure Booster systems) with Water Distribution Network & Sewerage Collection Network.
  • Components & Chemicals for Water and Waste water Treatment Plants (ETP, WTP, Softener, STP, Reverse Osmosis Plant e.g. Membranes, pumps. resins, media, filter, dosing pumps and many more).
  • River Water Intake & Pumping Mains for Power Plants.
  • Environmental Monitoring like Emission Measurement (stack and efficiency test), Emission Statement, Ambient Air Quality Monitoring, Work zone Air Monitoring, Fume Monitoring, Pollution Management, Ambient Noise Monitoring, Work zone Noise Monitoring, Lux monitoring, Drinking water, Ground Water, Earth pit resistance, Vibration Measurement, Performance and Warranty Measurement of Pollution Control Equipment and many more.

Our company has a medium sized manufacturing facility which is equipped with precision machining equipment sufficient to manufacture and repair hydro turbine components.

Hydro Magus Pvt. Ltd. also operates a Testing Laboratory equipped with an array of various testing equipment deployed for the specialised/ intricate tests required for conducting the RLA (Residual Life Assessment) & Uprating studies apart from commissioning of Electrical as well as Mechanical parts of the Hydro Generating Power Plant.

Besides, Hydro Magus possesses a pool of human resource that is highly experienced in the different aspects of the hydro project delivery including design, manufacturing, quality control, erection, commissioning, etc. These engineers have got their skills honed up by virtue of having worked in prestigious organisations like BHEL & other such central/ state Indian PSU’s including their hydro projects.

Last but not the least; our company lays a huge emphasis on quality as well as the project management at every step of a project. The company infuses the culture of Quality right from drawing, planning, procurement, execution, delivery schedule to testing and commissioning. Besides, our company has an independent team of engineers for Planning and Project Management supported by ERP tool Primavera who monitor the project work closely and undertake timely course correction, if required.

We take pride in our work and customer satisfaction is the driving spirit of our organisation.

Last but not the least, we believe in growth with a human face. The Company strives to discharge its social responsibility to the society at large. It encourages its employees to volunteer for CSR activities, resulting in a self-driven approach. Our employees have indeed made a difference to the society through their periodic blood donation camps and regular services at old age homes, orphanages and etc.