Our Team

Mr. S. Kishore Babu, Chairman

Mr. S. Kishore Babu, the Chairman of group of companies including Hydro Magus, is a name to reckon within power Industry today. A mechanical engineering graduate he hails from Andhra Pradesh and has over 20 years of field experience in execution of power plants and their maintenance before he promoted his own company Power Mech Projects Limited, the flag-ship company of the group of companies. He heads the group of companies with acumen, leadership and promotional attitude all along. As a professional, he has set in motion the systems to take control of the operation and organization. He is specifically concerned with implementation of safety standards at sites and gives prime importance to safety without compromising on quality. He venture into new business with ease and his vast field experience comes handy in defining moments and helps him in undertaking new challenges.

A widely travelled entrepreneur, he is instrumental in introducing modern applications in the organizations. His group of companies has grown horizontally and vertically while stamping their presence and occupy much greater space than anticipated. He is a great philanthropist by nature and actively participates in social activities that meet the needs of poor, downtrodden and society in general at large. A down to Earth workaholic, he ceases to confine himself within limits, but aspires for greater horizon in business he enters and comes out in flying colors.

Mr. Arbind Koul, Managing Director

Mr. Koul hails from the border state of Kashmir known for snow and water. A natural environmentalist as he is, he has chosen a career that keeps the globe cooler yet creating power to the millions. Mr. Koul graduated in electrical engineering with honors from regional engineering college in Srinagar. He joined and served BHEL for an impressive three decades before taking up another prestigious assignment with British Columbia Hydro Power Authority, Canada where he served for more than five years.

An upright officer and an Engineer with immense knowledge over entire spectrum of hydro projects, he has to his credit of providing expertise services for Hydro Generating sets up to 310 MW. Contrary to the expression of an expert to know more and more about less and less, Mr. Koul knows more and more about most of the hydro projects. He has executed with time line many Renovations, Modernization and Uprating of hydro generating units, construction of new hydro projects and as the days passed, he was the most sought after engineer in hydro power projects. Some of the projects executed by him were challenging and he was able to accomplish them with his in depth knowledge over the subjects he was dealing with. His ability in identifying the trouble in Hydro Plants earned him more name and fame.

Mr. Koul has hands on experience and detailed knowledge over wide range of hydro generating sets in areas of Overhauling, Uprating, Renovation, Modernization and life extension of power projects besides total erection and commissioning of hydro sets. He was the first to execute the uprating of hydro generating sets in India. He was instrumental in uprating of five units of Bhakra left Bank HEP from original capacity of 90MW to 108MW – a first Uprating program executed in India.

He has the rare combination of experience in handling various types of Hydro generating sets of all world reputed brands like Hitachi, English Electric, Voith, Siemens, GE (Canada), Westing House and BHEL.

An expert in conducting RLA and operating feasibility studies and preparation of DPR, he is at best both in Planning Management and Construction Management.

He is bringing with him a basket overflowing to the brim of rare experience in modern hydro plants having a range of every type and scale. He is steering the company as CEO and leading it from the front to reach new heights and fill more space in power sector.

Mr. K. Ajay Kumar, Director & CEO:

An engineering graduate, Mr. Ajay Kumar has over a decade of experience in power industry. By sheer Hard Work and dedication he rose to a high level in the organization that he works. He is at present heading two major verticals in Power Mech Projects Ltd., Overseas Projects and Comprehensive Annual Maintenance of major Power Plants.

A shrewd business development engineer, he is flooding the company with new orders. He is instrumental in undertaking Annual Maintenance contract of a Prestigious Ultra Mega Power Plant against Global bidding, a first of its kind in Indian scenario. A hard working, young and dynamic engineer, he is taking the entire group of hundreds of engineers and staff spread over thirty sites in India and abroad. Shuttling between sites, he is able to manage and keep delivery schedule of short durations in maintenance works.

He is conversant with thermal, gas based, nuclear and hydro plants and effectively guides his team from the front. He is one of the founding directors of the company and he is adding value wherever he is associated with.

Mr. B.K. Raina, Vice President - Hydro Group

Mr. B.K. Raina looks after the entire operations of the Hydro Vertical of the company.

Mr. Raina, an Electrical graduate, made his long career spanning decades in BHEL dedicated to the commercial/ marketing operations of hydro power sector. He brings with him a rich pool of experience in the field of tendering, Commercial Operations & Contract management for supply, erection & commissioning of Hydro Power Projects. Besides, Sh. Raina is also adept in coordinating with various Government agencies like CEA, PFC & Project Consultants. During his career at BHEL, he has accomplished several dozen Hydro Power Projects and resolved all their contractual issues successfully with respective customers.

Mr. Anil Gupta, Vice President – Water Business Group

Anil Gupta has graduated in Mechanical Engineering from MBM Engineering College, University of Jodhpur in 1991 and later he did piping design and engineering course from IIT (Bombay) in 2001. He has 25 years of experience in engineering, proposal development, Construction and commissioning with EPC companies. He stated his career with Haryana Petro-Chemicals Ltd. in projects. Later on he had been with Sumitomo Mitsui Construction Company, Japanese MNC for almost one decade with them and involved in many big Industrial projects like Honda Scooters and Motor Cycle Project, Denso Haryana, YKK and many other industrial projects. He has versatile experience and exposure in River water Intake , cross country pipeline and water & waste water sector, He worked with M/S Jindal Water Infrastructure Ltd as Project head of water infrastructure in Orissa and also worked with M/S UEM India Ltd as Vice President ( Industrial Division) and M/S Flow more Ltd as Vice President ( Marketing & Projects). He has handled big ETP (Effluent Treatment Plants) in big refineries of India viz; HPCL, Vizag, IOCL, Para dip and IOCL Baruni. He has wonderful experience in Industrial sector also and it varies from automobiles plants to refineries .Besides industrial sector, he has also a good exposure in dealing with big engineering consultancies like DCPL, Kolkata and Desin, New Delhi . He has worked closely with promoters in Jindal Water Infrastructures, Flow more Ltd and UEM India Ltd. (Now it is a Toshiba Group Company).

Mr. Srinivaskumar Settipalli, Deputy General Manager/Project Manager

Mr. Settipalli is our DGM, Water Division and acting Project Manager for our STP project at Karnal, Haryana. His first impression conceals the fact that the man has over 22 years of experience working on projects in the power industry, as he seems to exhibit the energy and enthusiasm of a junior engineer, which his peers and colleagues find to be contagious, and hence grant him the skills to be a suitable leader. His educational background lies in the Mechanical Engineering field but his experience has moulded him into a versatile manager with skills going beyond his educational achievements.

Mr. Sangeeth Bhandari, Manager (Electro-Mech)

Mr. Bhandari is our Head of Electro-Mechanical department, Water Division and he is one of the go-to guys for any concerns regarding electrical and mechanical works. Hailing from West Bengal, India; Mr. Bhandari has Bachelors in Electrical Engineering and a Master’s in Business Administration. He has more than 10 years of experience in handling electro-mechanical works for multiple construction/development projects ranging from multi-story commercial complexes to projects in the Power and STP Industry. Known for his witty humour, Mr. Bhandari has a blend of professionalism and charisma, which demands respect and makes him a joy to work with. Apart from his innate characteristics, he is an expert in understanding management and technical roles assigned to him, which he has accumulated over a number of years of working in various environments within various industries.

Mr. Vikas Verma, Manager (Civil & Process)

Mr. Verma is our Head of Civil & Process Dept., Water Division and a key member for consultation on STP Projects. The fact that Mr. Verma has multiple STP projects, including a 40 MLD capacity STP at KOTA, Rajasthan and a 10 MLD STP based on MBBR technology at Gurgaon, Haryana; under his belt, alludes to him being an expert in the aforementioned field. Hailing from Uttar Pradesh, India; he obtained Bachelors in Environmental Engineering, simultaneously gaining experience about the sewage treatment process by basing his academic project on the design of a STP on SAFF Technology and his summer training on the commissioning of a STP.

Mr. Sivananda Reddy Tammidala, Project Manager

Mr. Tammidala currently heads one of our STP projects at Gudivada, Andhra Pradesh as the esteemed acting Project Manager. A Mechanical Engineer by educational merit, Mr. Tammidala has vast experience in the field of STP and WTP Erection, Testing and Commissioning due to having worked on multiple projects including STP Projects in Dehradun, Uttarakhand and WTP projects in Jhunjhunu, Rajasthan. Supplemented with his expertise in the WTP and STP ETC process, he has over 13 plus year experience in the laying of different types of Pipe lines along with Hydro Testing, which makes him a commendable figure in the field.

Mr. S N Tripathi, Project Manager

Mr. Tripathi currently heads one of our major projects at Palwal, Haryana as the esteemed acting Project Manager. Having worked for a major player in the power industry with L&T Power Ltd., he has officiated over the development of multiple large scale power projects including a 2 x 600 MW power plant in Malwa (Madhya Pradesh) and a 1 x 500 MW power plant in Waidhan (Madhya Pradesh). Further adding on to his credibility, he has experience working in the developments of software parks, medical colleges, manufacturing plants and commercial complexes that have also assisted in his evolution as a well-rounded project manager.

Mr. A. K. Sinha, Consultant

Mr. Anil Sinha , is heading the entire operations of the company with regard to Planning, Procurement , Erection and Commissioning of projects, possesses a vast field experience in hydro projects of about 38 years while serving BHEL. Having completed his Bachelors’ degree in Mechanical Engineering from Regional Institute of Technology, Jamshedpur, in 1973, Sh. Sinha joined BHEL, an Indian power giant, as a front line engineer surging ahead, by sheer dint of his hardwork and perseverance, rose to the position of General Manager.

To his credit, Sh. Sinha has successfully managed and completed challenging projects while implementing them with efficiency and quality. Hydro Magus utilizes his huge experience & his rich knowledge of power projects for the overall benefit of the customers and the nation.

Mr. Joginder Singh, Commissioning Consultant

Sh. Joginder Singh, an Electrical Engineering graduate from the prestigious Punjab Engineering College, Chandigarh and having accomplished a great career of 38 years in BHEL, is serving Hydro Magus as its Advisor. He brings alongwith him a rich and a vast experience in the field of Erection & Commissioning of Hydro Projects. He remains unappalled in the aspects of vital controls of Hydro Generating sets especially their Governing systems as well as the Excitation systems. Vastly travelled a person, Sh. Joginder has been responsible for successful commissioning of about 80 hydro projects spread evenly in the country and abroad. Hydro Magus feels privileged to have him in its fold.

Mr. R.S. Shrivastava, Consultant (Field Operations)

An accomplished professional in the areas of Construction & Renovation of hydro projects, Sh. R.S. Shrivastava is rendering his services to Hydro Magus after his long career with BHEL for 36 years. He is a great asset to the company by virtue of his being an expert in NDT Testing.

Mr. L. P. Sharma, Consultant

Having spent his complete career in BHEL, Sh. Sharma possesses a great expertise in the field of Vibration Analysis, Acoustic & Dynamic Balancing and is looking after the technical aspects of company’s sites in operation.

Sh. S. K. Sharma, Consultant

Retired from BHEL after serving his long career, is bringing in a very rich experience in the area of Erection, testing and commissioning of Hydro-generators. He has been instrumental in construction of hydro projects at Chibro, Khodri, Baira Suil, Maneri Bhali stage-I. Upper Kolab, Bargi, Kateshwar, etc.

Sh. B. S. Chonkar, Consultant - NDT

Highly experienced professional in the area of Non-Destructive Testing of all levels including intricate Radiography testing of power projects having dedicated his entire career spanning over 36 years in BHEL.